Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ike, JFK, LBJ and Nixon

Can we guess Brago's age by the presidents she mentioned in her letter to the Times? BTW, her score was Obama 6 and McCain 3, in her ratings of the candidates compared to past president's qualities.

Eisenhower? I Like Ike, political buttons. I think he was a well liked president. I was a kid, so what did I know?

JFK was a president for the people, all people, or so I thought. A womanizer. When I started reading Taylor Caldwell novels, I got a unflattering portrait of the Kennedy clan. Might liken it to Bill Clinton's misdeeds in Arkansas. Most memorial was, of course, his assassination. Welcome to the real world, eh.

LBJ? A tall Texan with a 6 gallon cowboy hat. I did not much like Johnson, though I can not recall why.

Nixon gave me the creeps long before he was ousted from office.

I wonder what positive qualities Brago would assign to those four. I think most people might say of JFK, idealistic and of Nixon, corrupt. Ah, JFK equals motivational. Election is over, but which candidate had JFK's ability to inspire and motive citizens? I would score Obama one on that one. I would hate to liken McCain to Nixon, that would be Hillary Clinton who had Nixon qualities. Which pres dropped the atomic bomb? I guess that is the one who would score McCain points if I were judging qualities between past presidents and this years election. 11/13/08

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