Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lake Tahoe Homeless Camp

No writer is listed with an O.C. Register column labeled: Briefly. Briefly: Police rousted about 10 people from a homeless camp in South Lake Tahoe. On November 6 a "30-year-old transient" was arrested for stabbing a homeless man in the area of that camp. The homeless victim is in the Intensive Care unit at a Reno hospital. The police removed "tarps, tents, clothing, mattresses, bottles and trash" from the camp.

Due to wood fences, I can not see much of the house next door to my apartment building. There is either another house or garage on the property. next to that is a fenced property with three houses on it. The bungalow size homes have all the windows boarded up; a For Sale sign in the front yard. When I moved here, I wondered if homeless had been setting up camp in the vacant houses. One day, walking down the alley, a man came out of that yard. It puzzled me. The gate was padlocked. He had his back to the fence and though he was thin, I thought "no way". He could not have slipped into and out of the yard through the narrow opening between gate and side fence.

I noticed yesterday, a mattress was thrown over the fence. I say thrown, because I think if a homeless person had scaled the fence to sleep there, s/he would have moved it away from the alley; behind one of those three houses, pulled it under a tree, tried for some privacy behind bushes. Having seen the mattress, I took a longer look at that padlocked gate. The side fence had a curved indent at the exact area of that narrow opening. Oh, I see, now, how that guy had squeezed himself in and out of that yard. At the time I saw him, I assumed he had used the yard for a toilet. I was at the top of the alley when he entered and he was leaving just as I arrived at that gate.

For all I know the guy was not homeless. A drug dealer hiding drugs? The way my mind processes info now-a-days. There are homeless in the area. I used to be one of them myself. I did not hang around, but did go to that McDonald's many a time to use the restroom. No tokens needed! I might dwaddle over french fries or coffee, just to sit indoors for a while. How I happened to be in the vacinity of Anaheim and Redondo Ave at 6AM escapes me. I seldom slept far from Ocean Blvd. I do know I was not the only homeless person waiting upon that particular McDonalds to open in the morning. Nor the only one sitting at a table later in the day. Perhaps I had walked there from Rec Park the few times I slept on the grandstand.

How did I get from a current news article to a walk in my past? Oh, my walking about yesterday. I snapped some photos downtown and decided to wait upon taking some photos near the other McDonalds. Enough talking for this post. 11/16/08

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