Monday, November 10, 2008

Love Don't Live Here No More

When I saw "Love Don't Live Here No More" by Snoop Dogg and David E. Talbert, I thought it was autobiographical in nature. Subtitled: Doggy Tales: Vol 1, it seemed it would be stories about his life. Since Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg, grew up in Long Beach, I was interested in reading it. Actually it is a fiction novel.

Snoop Dogg was at the Main library recently. The mayor and city planner, wanting to close the Main library, was his reason to meet with Councilman, Dee Andrews. Snoop got his first library card that day. He promised to donate a lot of copies of his children's stories to the Long Beach library. Has not written them yet. "Love Don't Live Here No More" may be modeled after his own life in L.B. I do not know much about him. The novel is set in Long Beach and is about a youngster aspiring to a rap artist.

When the teen's single mom decides to move them from the "east side" to North Long Beach, to a better neighborhood, he thinks:

"Judging from the chipped stucco and barred windows; the liquor store next to the pawn shop next to the Nix Check Cashing Store next to the First Baptist across the street from the Third Baptist down the block from the Second Baptist; Church's Chicken; and the older cats with the brown paper bags stumbling in the streets~instead of moving on up, we'd just moved over."

That could be a description of Anaheim Street or downtown Long Beach before redevelopment began. Someone told me a while ago: that's where Snoop Dogg gets his hair done, pointing to a barber shop. His description of North Long Beach, sounded a bit like that part of Anaheim St. Not a surprise that I would find a homeless quote in the novel:

"On her block, the homeless people had blankets. The buzzer worked on the apartment door, and you didn't have to step over ten people to reach it."

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