Friday, November 28, 2008


Homed versus homeless; what could be a better name for me? someone asked and I said, "Yes, I still consider myself homeless. When my rent is raised, I will be out on the streets." Mentioned because I am going to say, when I was homed, I spent a lot more time at the library. A winter day, in sunny, southern California, if it rained or was overcast, I was too cold to be outdoors, and if I was not at home, I could usually be found at the library.

I could sit for hours reading the weeks L.A. Times or O.C. Register; mostly limited myself to one daily or Sunday newspaper, not three, and the Press-Telegram is most affordable and local. I would also read the current issues of magazines. The reason I no longer subscribe to magazines is economical. The reason I stopped buying books, because it broke my heart to whittle my home library down, every time I moved. If I really, really had to read a new book that was not available at the library, I would buy it and donate it once I read it.

Once in a while I would check magazines out of the library to read at home. The table where I sit at the Mark Twain branch when I take the laptop to use Wifi is next to the magazine racks. From where I sat, I saw Obama, Obama, Obama on magazine covers. Of course, patrons can not check out current copies, but I decided that Newsweek would have the election coverage in last weeks mag. Time's last week cover is dated Nov 10, so I assumed it would be about the election results. Checked out an issue of both magazines. 11/13/08

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