Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"Monkeewrench" is a Murder Mystery novel by the mother and daughter team, P. J. Lambrecht and Traci, who use the pseudonym: p. j. tracy. Keeping with my new habit of recording quotes that mention homeless people, I share these from the novel:

"Washington Avenue, once the province of the homeless and dealers, had long since been scolded into submission."

"Jonathon Blanchard was almost a caricature of a model citizen: a 4.0 seminary student who was putting himself through school working twenty hours a week~Christ, he volunteered at a homeless shelter on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Unless he was running drugs or laundering mob money out of the soup kitchen's back door, they were looking at a dead end."

"The social event of the year was now a crime scene, the bride was inconsolable, twenty-five grand worth of food was going to end up in steam trays at a downtown homeless shelter...".

"...Besides, every one of them's got enough money stashed to last a lifetime. So they lose the company. So what? Ain't like they're gonna be homeless."

In a conversation about one character's spending habits: "...and some pretty generous charitable donations..."
"what kind of charities?"Magozzi shrugged.
"Homeless shelters, domestic-abuse centers, youth-at-risk programs, stuff like that."
"The kind of places he probably spent a lot of time in as a kid."

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