Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder Update

Two of the bodies found on Monday morning were identified. Yesterday's paper quoted a girl saying her friend used to go to the homeless camp to visit her boyfriend. One of the slain was a 34 year old Carson (CA) mother of 6, visiting her boyfriend "in the area." Only the name and age (male, 43) of the other identified victim was given. Description of the other 3 were descibed by ehtnicity and ages (20 year old female, male in his 40s and the other male in his 50s). Police reported that they did not find evidence of drug activity and are not sure the area was actually a homeless camp.

If I had known the Orange county Register cost 50 cents in the store (versus a quarter in the machine) I would not have bought it today. I wanted to get change~quarters for the bus, which is why I bought the paper today, when I splurged on a 7/ll cup of coffee. (11/04/08) The OC reported OC police being briefed by the Long Beach police dept. regarding the 5 murders. OC writer, Salvador Hernadez, says "...if investigators find the incident was an attack on homeless people, police will be working to prevent similar incidents...".

He also said "There are about 50 to 60 known transients living in Laguna Beach." That makes me wonder if the guy that called himself "Big Mike" is one of them. The article also mentioned an incident in Los Angeles where a homeless man was set on fire, killing him last month.

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