Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Orange County News

A body was found a month ago in a creek bed. Due to the body being decomposed, the coroner thinks the man was dead for a week prior to being found. It does not appear the dead man was the victim of foul play. He has not been identified, but police think he was homeless.

In an unrelated article by Denise Salazer, a 28 year old man was shot and died in Santa Ana. Salazar reports that "The man was renting a converted living area set up in the back yard of a home." What is a converted living area? A tent? A shack? In my mind, the young man might be among those considered homeless. Some homeless are able to rent and live, illegally, in apartment complexes garages. I do not think a garage is "set up" in someone's backyard.

Today's OC Register another article about the five Long Beach deaths. The local Press-Telegram's article was smaller, basically a repeat of prior info with the addition of another victim's identity being released. No personal info, besides her name and age. The OC article included a photo of a hat laying on what might be clothes, a fence and what looks to be a dumpster. Both papers mentioned that the homeless encampment could only be reached by walking along a drainage ditch. I wonder if the photo is facing the "entrance" with the ditch being alongside the fence.

Salazer interviewed a 58 year old man "who was friends with the victims." He said he only knew the victims " first names or nicknames". Of course, I wonder if the man is homeless, because most of the homeless people I knew, only knew others by street names or a first name, that may or may not have been real. (11/05/08)

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