Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prop 8 Protest in Long Beach

The Press-Telegram reported that about 2,000 people marched in Long Beach, Friday night, 11/07/08, to protest the passage of Prop 8. Prop 8 will alter the California constitution by stating that marriage is only legal between a man and a woman. The impromptu march started with a text message by a man inviting his friends to join him. The march started on Broadway and Redondo Ave, moved downtown to Long Beach Blvd. where it circled back to Alamitos and Broadway.

The U.S. Constitution gives states the right to make their own laws, as long as those laws are not in opposition to federal law. Federal law is: All Men Are Created Equal and therefore, they all are entitled to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Sorry CA, Prop 8 is illegal. I realize when our Constitution was written the word "men" meant men and did not include slaves and the people living on the land prior to the formation of the U.S.A. They used to be called Indians, changed to Native Americans and now called First Americans. Better would be Mohawk, Hopi, Cherokee and so on, slash Americans.

Today all persons born within our well defined boundaries are considered to be entitled to what all citizens are entitled to. Who are the people who decided to vote to deny rights to same sex couples? Not surprising: White Evangelists. The second largest group of people did surprise me: blacks. Among white non-Evangelists, No to Prop 8 votes included married and single heterosexuals, male and female. I can not understand black citizens thinking it cool to decide that homosexuals and lesbians are not born equal to other citizens; that the government can legislate away their human rights. Sad day in CA.

The P-T article by Staff Writers Karen Robes Meeks and Paul Eskins quotes Jamie Mundy as saying "The Bible states it all. God didn't make you that way. It's the law and it's against the Bible. I don't want it to be taught in my school. I certainly don't need it to be in the streets."

Actually the U.S.A is a land of "separation of church and state". That means Mundy is not a patriotic U.S. citizen. If he does not approve of the U.S. government, he needs to live in a country that is ruled by the Bible. Bible law is not U.S. law. I would not want to ruled by a Bible that condones slavery, raping women and killing children. All approved in the Bible if those forced into slavery, raped or killed are enemies and considered to be "spoils of war". I can not read Aramic, so I have no idea what words were actually written in the original "Holy Texts" that soon were translated into Greek, Latin and finally English. I think most Bibles agree: Thou Shalt Not Kill was a law supposedly handed down to Moses from God. Who gave man the right to change that to "It is okay to kill enemies"? Including innocent children.

The Bible Mundy is holding as proof, claims God created everything. Obvious then, he created homosexuality or else everyone would be heterosexual. He also forgets that same Bible says "Judge not lest, ye be judged," and says God is the one to decide on goodness, not us mere humans. People like Mundy need to not be involved with human governments at all. If the Bible is their law, cool, obey it and keep their noses out of other people's lives.

It truly does not matter what personal belief's Mundy and I have about same sex couples, when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. My belief is that yes, "they" are born "that way". I also do not believe the government should be involved with marriage. People can choose to be a couple without the consent of other human beings. Even opposite sex couples. Long ago people decided other people who could declare themselves representatives of a God as they know him could join people in matrimony. Governments decided they could decide to control those unions. Yet married couples break up, so why all the trouble of marrying in the first place?

Prop 8 has nothing to do with "it" being "taught" in "his school". What the passage of Prop 8 teaches is that some U.S. taxpaying citizens are not allowed the same rights as other citizens. Or some things never change.

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