Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Secret Sales Pitch

Off the streets mid-October 2006, I tried to go to the library everyday. As I waited for it to open, I often counted the number of people standing around waiting also. There was a mad rush to the computers as soon as the door opened. I later decided it was best to go about an hour after opening. Most people who use the computers, take the full hour allotted, so if I timed it just right, I would not have too long of a wait for my turn.

Obvious, that mad stampede; who wants to wait around for an hour? At the time I was having my fits; unable to sit still or wait for anything. In the apartment I would pace back and forth across the kitchen floor; often I went out after dark, taking a long walk downtown. That was not helping with my back/leg pain. Yet that hour a day on the Internet was precious to me. Most of the times I visited the library I would check out books. "The Secret Sales Pitch" was one of them.

Doubt that I finished it, but took some notes.

All I wrote was "Poem". The author suggested showing a poem to a group of people, asking them to rate it. You are to tell them it was written by:
a famous poet
a college student
a homeless person selling original poems to buy food

I imagine the author used a lot of words about perceptions affecting our choices. Perhaps his experiment "proved" that people would rate a poem higher (better quality) if it were written by a famous poet, than if it were by a homeless person.

Do you think knowing the author of a poem was a famous poet, college student or homeless person would affect your opinion of the quality of the poem?

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