Friday, November 7, 2008

Sister Souljah

The Person known As Sister Souljah, Lisa Williamson adds 104 pages at the end of the paperback copy of "The coldest Winter". In the section "Ask The Author; The Top Ten Questions" she says:

"At age ten my mother moved us out of the New York projects. We were now officially homeless."

She did not experience street living however, because the family went to live with her grandmother in northern New Jersey. Interesting only to me is, "Upon entering Rutgers University...". Rutgers has branched out from where it began in my hometown, and Sister Souljah, does not say she lived in my hometown while attending Rutgers. Perhaps she was attending the college when my youngest brother did. Later she is back in NYC living in Harlem with a "Madison Avenue job". She says:

"The issue that I connected with most, however was the homeless families and their children living right there in midtown Manhattan next to my job. (For greater detail see my first book, nonfiction, No Disrespect.) I struck up a conversation with one of the young homeless girls, which led to a relationship with all of them. I got a firsthand glimpse at the miserable way they were surviving."

There are a lot of sentences in that 14 page answer to question 3 containing the word "homeless". The gist was, from having befriended an 11 year old homeless girl, Sister Souljah went on to raise money in her efforts to help homeless youth, by arranging a hip-hop benefit concert. "The Coldest Winter" character, Sister Souljah, is the author of the same name, although some of the action or ineraction with other characters, as described, is purely fictional.

Have no idea why I decided to make a list of quotes from books I read that mention "the homeless". I think it has something to do with "OCD" or a need to have "projects" in my life. Do not think there is any point in lifting quotes from 14 pages, when the entire answer to that question, number 3, is basically about homelessness, specifically homeless youth. (10/31/08)

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