Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time Magazine

I like the internet better, get to read articles online from the likes of Time Magazine. Most media, I can leave an instant comment. Or not so instant when I need to sign up for an account. I seem to have something to say about everything and that burning desire to say it. People call people like me "comment whores". I have probably said things that would embarrass me, if I ever read them again. So it is with the Time magazine I checked out of the library. I want to comment on a lot of stuff. I want to blog about other stuff. I will limit myself to a Inbox reader's letter.

The writer is Victoria Brago of Los Angeles. She asks a series of questions and rates McCain and Obama.

"Which candidate has Gerald Ford's decency? Both."

That got me to thinking. Was Gerald Ford decent? What I recall about Ford, was that I still had a lot of my high school stuff. Since I no longer have it, I can not refresh my memory. Why I saved a particular magazine and discard the rest is beyond me. Was the mag Scholastic something? Dunno. I think we got them monthly. As I was sorting stuff to discard, I glanced through the mag and who was in it, but Gerald Ford. At the time I thought it ironic that he was now running for president. And won.

The other qualities Brago mentioned:Ronald Reagan, sunny optimismGeorge H.W. Bush, diplomatic instinctsBill Clinton, intellectual curiosityGeorge W. Bush, dogged determination

Reagan I recall as being an actor and my memory of him is that my goddaughter had her picture in the newspaper shaking hands with the man. This post is "Time Magazine" so will skip the story.

George H.W. Bush was "kinder and gentler America". Now that I know more about him, I say: corrupt C.I.A., oil baron and not a very nice man at all.
Bill Clinton. Yuck. Intellectual curiosity? How about over-sexed and lacks self-control and maturity? Now that I know more about Bill, such as his millions earned via Dubai and his red-faced ranting against Obama, I find him to be an embarrassment. The thing I wrote Bill about was air-strikes in no-fly zones. The very thing that may have helped him earn those Dubai millions.

Oy, the current pres! I do not know enough about Napoleon to make the comparrison. I think Bush is taller than I know. I see him as being short with a huge ego and need to control. One way, his way, and "if you are not with us, you are against us" and we will pick you up, detain you, without rights to a phone call, nor legal representation, indefinity, and hey, we may try a little good old-fashion torture and water boarding, btw. I suppose "dogged determination" fits. Only determined to get his way by any means necesarry. I was pleasantly surprised that he did not call off the election.

Brago obviously knows more about politics and our past presidents than I do. Out of those listed, I would say Carter was my favorite president and I noticed I missed him in my summations. Carter: peanut farmer and "lusts after women in his heart". Of course, I have always been more interested in current events than history. 11/13/08

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Vicky Drake said...

You can't guess my age from that letter - or my opinion of past presidents either - because it was a reaction to something in the previous issue: The Temperament Factor: Who's Best Suited to the Job?, by Nancy Gibbs, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008. Victoria Brago (Vicky Drake isn't my real name.)