Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Went to take the trash to the dumpster in back of the complex, and the neighbor's two dogs went nuts. Barking, snarling, growling, jumping on the fence links, following me the length of it. It was un-nerving. I tried talking to them, that sometimes quiets down the black one. Street side and on the neighbor's alley gate are: Beware of Dog signs. I call the black dog a Scottie, but not all that knowledgeable about breeds. He is so tiny, he is hardly a dog to inspire fear; bark is bigger than his bite? My vivid imagination takes over, sometimes when he is yapping and I picture him climbing the wire-link fence. Logically, I do not think dogs can do that.

I have seen my daughter's cats scale the safety wall they had to install to keep them confined to their backyard. Havoc takes off running, leaps and three hits of paws on the wall and he is over the 7' wood panels. Almost like watching a squirrel climb a tree. Defies reason. If cats can do that, why not dogs?

I ran into stray dogs often in my "midnight wanderings". The first thing I do when I see an unleashed dog is to freeze. I believe that dogs can smell fear on people, but hey, I already emitted it the second I spotted it. Most often the stray dogs were scavenging for food. some spotting me, high-tailed away in another direction.

I got chased by a dog once when walking to the MSC. Again it was a small, barking, growling dog. Just ran out of a yard gate coming at me. I crossed the street, thinking I would have to climb on the roof of someone's parked car, if he followed. He did not cross the street, but ran down the block as I did. I had to cross that corner where he now sat warning me that I had better not encroach on his territory.

One of the reasons I decided not to stay in Phoenix was the dogs roaming everywhere I walked.

This is an old post I wrote late in Nov/Dec (?) and never published.

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