Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heart Full of Lies

Did not finish reading "Heart Full of Lies" by Ann Rule. Did not find the true crime story as "riveting" as the inside book jacket blurb promised. Did get far enough in the book to read this quote: "No one could be sure what Liysa feared. It might have been homelessness, or abandonment; it might have been that her childhood was as cruel as she often said it was. Whatever the reason, she seemed consumed with owning real estate."

From what I read, Liysa did not seem to have the personality of someone who's ambition to own real estate was fueled by a fear of becoming homeless. She had a dream of having a seacoast and mountain retreat, specifically as a place for abused woman to visit as a place of healing. Another quote: "She was a good photographer, good enough to earn eight to ten thousand dollars a month~and sometimes more," and acquaintance recalled."

Her husband at the time likely earned even more than she did. I doubt she feared homelessness when she was badgering him to buy yet more real estate. Real Estate used to be considered a good investment. She must have been quite wealthy, even without her husband's income. She had dreams and the dollars to turn them into a reality. Do not think it was fear that drove her. (10/19/08)

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