Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How A Shelter Works

"How a shelter works" is the title of a Nov. 19, 2008, Orange County Register supplement article. Writer, Michael Mello, says Orange County has "no fewer than 60 shelters, tending to victims of hard times or hard tempers." Hard tempers, refers to (mostly) women abused by spouses. Teenage run-a-ways could also be the victims of other's "hard tempers". Of interest to me:

O.C. has "...contracted with the Santa Ana-based Mercy House shelter to tun the armory shelters." The article says "They have the capacity for up to 200 homeless persons each night per site in Santa Ana and Fullerton."

When I stayed at the Santa Ana armory winter shelter, I used to try counting the number of people lying on mats~edge to edge~on the floor. It was actually easier to count mats, than people. The article says they provide "hot meals and showers". My shelter experience is I wished they provided hot showers or rooms with heat and privacy to shower in. I do not think I tried a shower at the armory, even once.

I liked the O.C. winter shelter better than Long Beach's. Both had a plus or minus, but there was more freedom at O.C. Did not feel like I was in jail.

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