Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Hunt ~ King Quote

Fun mystery novel, "The Hunt" by Jennier Sturman. A character says at one point that she must be the only person under 80 who never used an iPod. That made me feel bad. Was it only ten years ago that the youngsters thought me pretty cool for an old lady because I knew how to use a computer and now technology has passed me by. I recently read about a 80 something grandmother who uses a local columnist, Tim Grobraty's Friday playlists to find songs to download to her iPod. I would not even have known what a GPS system was if I had not spent time driving my brother around before he died in his brand new pink Cadillac. Well, maybe it was red, I forget now. He explained all about his GPS system. I rather liked the car's memory feature that automatically reset the seats to my preference...

Anyway "The Hunt" is very 2000's. I imagined as I read, that soon young authors will be speaking about common stuff, like iPods, that will leave me baffled. Still have enough Internet savvy to know about Myspace and Facebook, but have yet to figure out MP3's and forget about understanding Blackberry's or iPods. The plot involved a visit to a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in San Francisco, that I did not know existed. Three MLK quotes were quoted in the book.

"When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered," was one of them. It seems odd to me that King would be thinking of computers because at that time in history, computers were a future household item, not even a part of the typical office life even.

"More important than people" is the part of the quote I relate to. Children dead in Iraq are not enough motivation for U.S. citizens to stop driving their cars so much, or turning off the Christmas display lights to conserve energy. A government who will slander opponents who think it is time we do something about installing solar panels or wind-mills rather than kill for oil, shows that things have not improved much since King's day. Yikes someone wrote to the P-T that Bush should be "man of the year". Even Obama is suspect due to his loyalty to the Clintons. Bush, Cheney and the Clintons are but a few of our elected officials who profit by slaughtering innocent kids in foreign lands. But..., whatever.

Jennifer Sturman's "The Hunt" was an enjoyable read. 12/19/08

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