Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ignorance IS Bliss

Do not know why I expected the Nov 10 issue of Newsweek magazine that I checked out of the library to be chock full of Obama won the election news. Took me less time to read that that Time; because most of the stuff in Newsweek did not capture my interest. And my mood went from none to red hot anger over one item by Sarah Kliff.

Seems a 21 year-old wrote an amendment to her state's Constitution (Colorado) defining a fertilized egg as a person. The nerve! A fertilized egg is a fertilized egg. Period. A person has to be born and the umbilical cord cut in other to be, um, a person, a human being. Of course, the girl's intent is to make criminals out of any woman who chooses to terminate her pregnancy. Hey, that would mean that a woman with a tubal pregnancy would not be allowed to have the embryo removed, because, according to the twit, that embryos is a person. WTF!

By writing that, she is trying to get the state of Colorado to violate Federal law, much like California voters, voted to do so when they voted yes on Prop 8. Thumbs down to Kristi Burton. Is she a brainy scientist, the likes of Newton or Einstein that she thinks she can redefine a fertilized egg? Perhaps she is a Mensa physican or more likely, things God personally choose her for a special mission on earth; whispered in her ear and told her, a fertilized egg is a person. Nope. She is smart enough to get into Law School and God Bless America if the likes of her rise to the level of Supreme Court Justice, we all be in trouble.

Why can not these people leave Roe vs. Wade alone? The country is in serious trouble, thank you our politicians were too busy playing footsie with wealthy corporations and Arab Sheiks, to think future when running the government. We have enough problems or issues to solve without making criminals of raped women and women who have ectopic pregnancies. Or women who may choose to abort a dead fetus, rather than carry and deliver a dead baby. Aargh!!!

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