Sunday, December 14, 2008

Night Stalker

"When a young homeless woman would show up looking for food, he'd drag her into the woods, rape and strangle her, then stuff her body in a large plastic garbage bag, tossing her into a Dumpster." So begins "Night Stalker" by James Swain. The serial killer who preyed on homeless women is four days from execution. When his grandson is kidnapped, he hires former head of the Missing Person's Crime Unit, Jack Carpenter to find him.

In his search for the missing boy, shining his flashlight towards a swarm of flies, "A pair of brown men's shoes were the first thing I saw, toes pointed straight down. They were a homeless person's shoes, and were falling apart."

Being homed, I tend to forget about shoes falling apart while living on the streets. I wrote about the indentations at the balls and heels inside my shoes, at the start of my homeless 2004/2005 story. It had me wondering about the shoes of the obese or others who carry a lot of weight. I would cut the tops of socks that quickly developed holes in the toes, to use as cushions in the shoes. I doubt that I had ever noticed the footwear or lack of it, among homeless until after I became one of them.

"Night Stalker" is not a novel about homeless people, yet homeless women being the victims of a serial killer shows the real-life danger to the homeless, especially females.

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