Friday, December 12, 2008

Stinky Glen, School Principle

Ohio dot com published: "Man who grew up homeless now a school principal" on November 29, 2008. Author Anthony Gottschlich of the Dayton Daily News tells how Glen Faircloth came to live on the streets at 9 years old. His parents divorced when he was three and he often lived in foster or group homes. When a boy hanged himself with a sheet, committing suicide the young Faircloth fled. Classmates taunted him, calling him names like "stinky Glen" due to his dirty clothes and having slept under bushes the night before.

Faircloth recounts the night he prayed to God to let him die. A friend's family took him in, he graduated from high school, spent time in the Army, graduated from community college, eventually becoming a teacher.

Faircloth's story has a happy ending. Many homeless youth are drawn into a world of crime in order to survive on the streets. Often a cycle of incarceration begins that can last a lifetime. Likewise homelessness.

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