Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is a horror story. Jude, the main character is listening
to the radio. A man is talking about the weather being cold and says, "Do we have to
worry about finding bums frozen to the ground?" A man replies, "Your concern for the
welfare of the homeless is touching." The dark humour is typical for that particular
radio station.

It has been cold here in Long Beach. Not 32 degree cold, but for me, might as well be.
I had the back door open to check air temperature and was sad for all my homeless peers
(and the newly homeless that I do not know) out there. I wonder how I managed to
survive it. Always so very cold on the streets. Long after the sun came up, heating the
air, I was still cold. Living on the streets I understood why I would so often see
homeless people bundled up on hot days. The cold seems to get in ones bones and never

If you like horror stories, you will probably like Heart-Shaped Box. I did not find
it particularly scary, just a bit gross. It did have me recalling stuff I thought real,
that was must likely my imagination, hallucinations, involving weird telephone calls,
radio and TV. I thought about a lady telling a Village worker about the aliens who talk
to her via the television. The worker sat listening, enthralled with the tale. I was
thinking the worker would not know I had more in common with the lady than herself,
though my psychosis was less severe. 1/16/09

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