Monday, February 16, 2009

More Neighborhood Excitement

Excitement might be overstating this one. Walking home from the Brewitt library branch, I notice a compact white car parked a bit far from the curb and some kids standing 'round chatting. As I walked down my block, passing them, I heard the tallest girl sobbing on her cellphone: "I've been hit and run". Her car did not seem too damaged and I guess she is older than "a girl", but then I do have a habit of calling kids in their twenties, um, kids or boys or girls, rather than young men or young women.

I did not know what help I could offer, so walked on by. There are a lot less accidents on this block than on Magnolia; even though it is called an Avenue, it is a fairly quiet street, not much traffic and hardly the type of block where one would expect any accidents at all.

I wrote, did not publish about sirens. I decided to start counting the number of times I hear them everyday. Then it seemed like there would only be two or three or four times, so I stopped the project. There was another wild siren moment, like when the officer shot the guy, as per other post. Wonder if that was nearby neighborhood excitement too.

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