Saturday, February 7, 2009

T.D. Jakes Quote

"Senator Obama has proven to be a biracial icon who can mobilize blacks and whites alike. Perhaps his mixed parentage gave him the multi-cultured background needed to be culturally bilingual, creating the dialogue that may bridge our divide" ~ T.D. Jakes quote from Times magazine article, "Crossing The Color Line", 11/17/08.

Jakes goes on to talk about realistic expectations. The gist: simply being elected will not magically cure bigotry that exists in the U.S.A. today. An online friend sent me a link to an ABC news report about Ku Klux Klan membership increasing. Evidently people who never knew how to find the local KKK, can now easily sign up online. Shameful that the KKK still exists. The men interviewed on that ABC clip would be silly if they were not so darn scary. One said all the white people that voted for Obama will be sorry that did so. The young man aims to bring the race back to it's former glory.

I do not believe in a black race and white race. It astonishes me that the Klan claim Christianity. Human life started with Adam and Eve, their Bible tells them. That means we all trace our origins back to one "race". A little logic says that Jesus was not a blue-eyed blonde.

I think Jake's quote is the first time I saw media use the correct label for Obama: biracial. People complained about Obama's lack of experience. I felt Obama's life experiences made him uniquely qualified to lead our diverse nation. His Indonesian step-father gave him insight into government's workings at a very young age. Growing up in Hawaii exposed him to a different culture, even a bit different than mainland U.S.A. But, as Jake's said, Obama's admin has to move fast past "the pettiness of race matters" due to the faltering economy. Or as pres Obama has some bigger fish to fry. Now if only those KKK people would grow up!

Wrote this a while ago.

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