Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lemuel R. James

Lemuel R. James is a 74 year-old counselor at a homeless shelter. He is quoted in Ebony magazine's Collectors Edition Jan. 2009 issue as saying: "We've seen this election inspire the homeless men in the shelter where we work~the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmingotn, Delaware." (we being himself and his wife, who is the director of community outreach at the mission) He says "They walk taller and speak beter about themselves and the world in a way we haven't noticed since Dr. King was alive."

James says he knew there would be a black president of the U.S. someday, but did not expect to see it in his lifetime. My daughter who will turn 40 this year said she did not think she would see a black president in her lifetime. I can not say I gave it much thought.

James also said " a long way from the horrors of Emmett Till and his unrequited murder. It's a long way from the back of the bus, the separae but equal and the fight to integrate the schools. It's a long way from lynching and the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

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