Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enemies of Freedom

Continuing thoughts inspired by Jim Sitterly on Omaba supporters being on the side of real enemies of freedom.

True enemies of freedom might be citizens who vote to restrict liberties of other citizens. Citizens who demand, as an example, that people become criminals if they smoke a cigarette on a deserted beach. Who is breathing all that second-hand smoke, I wonder? The dastardly person who chooses to break the law and light up on that beach is endangering his/her lungs more by breathing polluted air along with his/her first hand smoke. Some laws simply make no sense to me.

Ditto a business owner having his freedom of choice or liberty curtailed. S/he must not be allowed in his/her place of business, nor be allowed if s/he will allow patrons to smoke inside. People who applaud such laws are enemies of freedom. Might say First Lady, Michelle, and others, are enemies of President Obama's freedom to choose to smoke a cigarette.

Some laws restricting liberty are good ones. Thou shalt not murder, steal, rape, beat your wife and children. Talking on cell phone while driving prohibition: good law. Can not count the number of times I was close to getting hit ~ while walking or driving ~ I could see the shocked look on the other driver's face. Shocked because they were so engrossed in that phone call they did not notice they were about to run over a pedestrian or plow into a more alert driver's vehicle.

Seat belt laws: bad law. If a person decides not to use one and is maimed or killed, they are only suffering consequences of their own behavior. Would make more sense if public transportation mandated seat belts; driver mishap, passenger safety.

Outlawing red meat might be a good law; citizens and government so worried about other's obesity and putting themselves at risk for heart failure. Outlawing fast food restaurants because they cause obesity has been considered in Los Angeles, hey we got to decide for the people, who cares about words on that outdated document anyway?

Sitterly obviously.

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