Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Tragedy of Detroit

The Tragedy of Detroit Newsweek headline caught my eye. Home of the Motown sound, source of my interest in the city. Although I checked the magazine out of the library (and five others), did not read much of the article about the decline and hopeful rebirth of the motor city.

Graph stats: In 1950 Detroit was the 5th of Top Ten populated U.S. cities, now down to number 11 spot. New York then and now, number one spot. Chicago and Los Angeles cross back and forth on the graph and Philly took a nose dive from #3 in 1950 to 6th place now.

Dave Bing former NBA player mayor of Detroit? The 3/4 profile picture of Bing in Newsweek article does not look like the Dave Bing I met and spoke to in the mid 70s. Google search for images; um, even the younger Bing does not look the man I remember, maybe I am mistaken...

A google seach gave me this: "Sep 24, 2007 ... I met Dave Bing! He and Maurice Lucas coached kids at a basketball camp run by Howie Landa in the Pocono Mountains. ...". Okay, so I was not mistaken just faulty memory of exactly what Bing looked like. My minds-eye pictured him with a rounder face, um, maybe more of a Charles Barkley look. It was that basketball camp that brought Bing, Landa, and Lucas to the Pocono's and Coffaro's Pizzeria where I worked part time.

So our conversations were more like "May I help you?" and "That will be..." taking his money. I did dance with Lucas. Ex-husband's idea. The guys hung out at motel bar where ex then worked. Have zero recall if Lucas and I spoke at all. I did deliver a lot of pizza for the kids staying at the camp. Anyway the google search blurb leads to ironically an Associated Content article. The meeting of the three basketball guys is not part of the article, which I was interested in reading. It is a short bio of Bing.

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