Thursday, November 5, 2009

Living In America

James Brown was 72 when he wrote his book, Living In America, or told the story to Marc Eliot, who likely did all the writing. He thought he was gonna be around for a long time and that if he made it till 80 or 95 he would still be performing.

Brown says he was asked "a million times" if he would endorse Rev. Al Sharpton if he ran for president. Brown says that if "the Democrat Party somehow ever gave him the number one pole position, they would be making a major mistake."

he said the difference between White boy and Black boy was "every Black boy knows that the chip doesn't fall too far from the block, while every White boy thinks he can be president." Or black children are realists and whites see a world of unlimited opportunity by virtue of skin color.

Brown also says: "For a black man to even dream about becoming president, he'd better be as talented as Abe Lincoln. You understand what I'm saying? I think you do. And if this Black person does become a president, he'd better stay out of Ford's Theatre."

Brown did not live to perform at 80 or 95 and he missed out on seeing the historic election of President Barack Obama. More amazing is that Michelle, a po' black girl from Chicago grew up to become First Lady. The odds were all against her and her brother Craig, yet they rose above circumstances admirably.

I do not know if Lincoln was talented and so far so good that the Obama's have survived amid death threats and smear campaigns.


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