Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red is a Mystery novel by Charlotte Carter first published in 1997. The book's yellowed pages makes it appear much older.

There are a lot of homeless mentions in the novel because a woman plays saxophone pretending to be a street person to pick up some dollars. She is unemployed and her savings are nil. On the first page we are told: "I'm not a homeless beggar." She later learns that some cops were undercover posing as homeless because "the bums and street musicians are getting beat up in the subways."

At another point in the story the woman goes to Grand Central station in NYC. She notices a change: "The homeless and the all-purpose psychos..." are gone. If a person has never been to NYC or another major city, perhaps it is harder to imagine that, but my mind can picture the scene instantly.

Rhode Island Red is an easy to read book and short ~ only 170 pages. Carter knows how to make less better. (3/27/09)

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