Saturday, May 29, 2010


“It is deplorable that they are discriminating against us just for the simple fact of looking Latino,” he said from the stage. “It’s not fair. We have to say no to that law.” singer Larry Hernadez quoted in article:

If it were not for immigration I would not be here ~ not just a U.S. citizen, but never born at all. Some days I think that would have been a good thing. Highly unlikely poverty stricken families would have moved to the U.S. from their respective countries and that my parents would have met each other anywhere, anytime.

The new Arizona law is not discriminating "for the simple fact of looking Latino" (or Latina). Police may indeed stop citizens that appear to be suspicous simply because they tend to bigotry and based on the fact that the driver appears to be Mexican or Mexican/American. That goes on without the new law and is not limited to a specific ethnicity.

There is a big problem with people disregarding the U.S. immigration laws to live and benefit from legal immigrants and born citizens work ~ be it paying taxes for free programs available to all without regard to citizenship status ~ or building of roads, sewers, gas lines and so on.

Other ethnic group members likewise disregard our laws; many use the Mexico/U.S. border to get here. Chinese people are often smuggled into the country via shipping containers. Some die en-route. People without Green Cards or with faked Green Cards and other I.D. abound. Young females are favored by smugglers of people ~ once their families pay the smuggler life savings, the unsuspecting girl is forced into prostitution.

Or slave labor. Many illegal immigrants have been locked into factory buildings in the Los Angeles area with no way to escape the inhumane treatment. All because they trusted someone to help them break the law to come to the U.S. of A.

I doubt that Larry Hernadez has ever read Mexico's Immigration Law which is much more restrictive than U.S. law ~ including the new Arizona law. If these protestors hate us so much, why not go back to the country of their birth?

Truly the only ones that need to fear the new law are the ones who are criminals in having broken our law to live/work here. Yeah, some born U.S. citizens, legal immigrants will get stopped by the police. I have had my share of issues with being stopped when not breaking any laws. I long to give the cop a piece of my mind, but forced to grin through gritted teeth and bear it ~lest said cop arrests me for resisting arrest ~ which happens often ~ if a citizen sasses back.

I am all for open borders and a Whole Earth flag. As things stand every country in the world has immigration laws ~ many much stricter than U.S. law. Mexico government would do well to create jobs for its citizens that hate the U.S. by having them build sewars and creating clean water supplies. Then those that want the U.S. to become New Spain too, can let those of us who like the melting pot live our lives in peace.

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