Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Danger Ahead

I would love to copy the entire Letter to Editor of Press-Telegram published September 7, 2010 submitted by Thelma Simpson of Downey. I am quite convinced the P-T editors choose the most unintelligent letters to publish. I am not the only P-T reader who thinks that.

I have seen letters and published Speakout comments stating the same thing.

Simpson put in her slam against President Obama (Omigod, how dare a President take a vacation, as if no other president took one and many!). While the pres was busy doing non-essential things, "the leader of Iran planned for his dream of world dominance", Simpson whines.

Does she know how tiny Iran is? I am going to say "about the size of Rhode Island" but I would be wrong. It is a bit larger than our very tiny state. If "the leader of Iran" is dreaming of world dominance, it would be just that: a dream. Simpson' s problem is with "just one nuclear reactor and rods from Russia". Well, gee, Russia is a whole lot larger than Iran, so why is she not fearful of Russia, China and Mexico hooking up, now that is a scary thought.

China and Mexico have a cozy trade agreement, which is why I threw them in there with Russia.

I looked it up: Iran is a little larger than Alaska. Simpson continues:

"Knowing that America is sick of wars, and Obama would never retaliate in kind, once Iran has a few nuclear weapons they could control the world's major source of oil, the lifeblood of industries".

I assume she meant: President Obama knows U.S. citizens are sick of war, so he would not fight Iran, should Iran launch a nuclear missile aimed our way,

Retaliate in kind? The United States has more nuclear weapons stockpiled than all other nations combined. Is Simpson suggesting our President would need to order some more built? Ah, they got one, we need to add one more?

Perhaps it is the leader of Iran wants to start building their arsenal before the United States attacks them to take control over the dwindling supply of oil? Sort of what we did to Iraq?

Would not it have been better if several administrations ago, presidents and Congress had been working to enforce industries to come up with alternative sources of fuel. And also instituting programs designed to lessen our citizen's dependency upon oil? Our country is the largest importer of oil. That is why so many people from other nations find us a spoiled, selfish and greedy people.

God forbid if a nation were to control the oil that is within their borders; we could not have that, now could we. Of course, that trait may be what best defines the red, white and blue. Look at what happened to the natives living upon this land we now call ours.

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