Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Denis Leary

Facebook friend posted she is reading a book by Denis Leary. I forgot he existed. Went to You Tube, watched one funny video then clicked on "Denis Leary on Glen Beck". Well, I was expecting a scathing routine; Beck makes an easy target for ridicule.

Instead it was a video of Denis Leary appearing on Glen Beck's show, all serious. The mini-clip had Leary talking about World Trade Center Building 7. Leary said he has many firemen friends who were there when WTC #7 collapsed and there were no explosions, it imploded.

The basement foundation deteriorated; the sound people heard was the foundation falling apart which caused the building to collapse into itself.

Okay, so what made the basement fall apart?

The IRS, CIA, Secret Service, Immigration/Natuarlization board were among tenants of WTC #7. I read that safes in the basement held gold belonging to other countries. Too tired to research that at this moment.

Well, maybe it was like an earthquake when the twin towers fell, rattled the ground nearby so violently it caused WTC 7's foundation to crumble or fall apart? NYC is not California where buildings need to meet earthquake standard requirements...

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