Monday, September 13, 2010

A Facebook Conversation

August 20 at 5:57pm Mary Alice Mariano
The reason I share this which includes text of the speech, is I have zero recall of citizens saying "President Bush is a Muslim" on account of carrying on a White House tradition that goes back to Thomas Jefferson's time.

Read President Bush's words, then read President Obama's words. President Obama's speech was more educational than President Bush's. Other than that they both speak of our Constitution, freedom to worship, praising Muslims, condemning terrorists.

Transcript of President Obama's remarks:
Transcript of President Bush's remarks:

August 20 at 5:58pm Jane Doe A:
With all the stuff I heard about Bush, never heard it said he was a Muslim.

On the other hand -- a friend of mine (who's birthday is tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. X!) went through the links on Reverend Wright's website and they do tie back the Muslim church -- so call Christian as much as he likes - Obama went to an American Hating Church with Muslim ties for most of his life.

August 21 at 7:26am Jane Doe B:
Jane Doe A where did you find that statement about Obama "Hating" American Church?

August 21 at 9:05am Mary Alice Mariano:
Jane Doe A please ask Ms. X for the links; I would like to read them. Google search did not find them.

Jane Doe A:
Ms. X read the links way back when Obama was running for office and still a part of the church ... they have probably changed the links by now . She just went to Reverenc Wright's netsite and kept hitting the links and reading what she saw....

I noticed quite a few articles taken off the net in the early days of the Obama administration ... I'd read the article one day and go back to find it the next and it would be gone. Cap and Trade was a big one where articles kept disappearing. This president is very media savy .. and knows how to control what is put out there for the public to read.

August 21 at 11:38am Mary Alice Mariano:
Elected officals who want to keep secrets from citizens would not introduce and help pass the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

At one time I had 4 websites and at least 6 blogs. I stopped adding links to news art...icles because many online newspapers archive them; many will charge to read the archived articles. It was tiresome checking the links, so I would just put newspaper info, in case any reader wanted to search the article and pay to read it in full.

I doubt that President Obama has enough power to control the press, as compared to, say Bill Clinton who could silence them with a phone a call. An example of that would be during the primary election when there seemed to be a blackout on reporting about the pending court case in Los Angeles.

Another would be Bill trying to get out of his business partnership with UAE Shieks, feeling it would hurt Hillary's chances in the election. Or the Dubai lobbyists contributing to Hillary's election funds. There was a controversy about that in New York when she was Senator. Did you or Becky read about any of it? Are those few articles still online?

The Bush family likewise has business dealings with majority Muslim countries. President Obama does not. It was President Bush who wanted to give control over our east coast ports (some of them) to Dubai and it was President Clinton who helped turn Dubai into the jet sets' latest luxury resort. Yet no one accuses them of being Muslim due to these things.

I do know that early Hebrew and Muslim are basically the same. That is why the Old Testament and Koran say basically the same thing. Hebrews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah; Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, not the Messiah.

August 23 at 10:42am Mary Alice Mariano:
I have not finished reading these. The first is likely no new infor for me.
"Propaganda is a particularly effective weapon during or leading up to war."

The second has verifiable info as to ownership... of media outlets.
"The mass media form for us our image of the world and then tell us what to think about that image."

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