Monday, September 27, 2010

False and Misleading Headlines

The headline reads: Obama Wants to Wiretap the Internet

"The Obama administration is drafting legislation to expand wiretap authority to intercept all Facebook, BlackBerry, and Skype communications."

That is a false and misleading headline. Yes it is President Obama's administration that is drafting legislation because the FBI and CIA are worried about security. The legislation is not singling out Facebook, BlackBerry and Skype; it is designed so that the government can issue a court order to wiretap accounts of suspected drug dealers, terrorists and I am adding my own take: anyone plotting to overthrow the U.S. government.

I am sure I am not alone in reading the headline and thinking: Omigod, Obama wants to invade my privacy!

I did not read the article with the misleading headline for details; read a New York Times article instead. Bloggers are already jumping on the lets crucify President Obama before he reads all your emails bandwagon. As if he has time to do something like that. Most likely the furious citizens whose little fingers are busy typing out their outrage, did not bother to go to White House or Congressional websites for more information about the legislation. before they got busy condemning our President for another crime he did not commit.

Facebook, BlackBerry, Skype, Omigod and Bloggers are all mispelled according to Blogger spellcheck. Come on Blogger techies get caught up with the times.

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