Sunday, October 17, 2010

55 ~ 93

According to Vote Easy 55% of Californians are registered to vote and 93% of registered voters voted in last election. I wonder if that means the primary or last general election. When I voted in primary the poll workers were quite bored with a very low turnout. Perhaps that is due to my district polling place. I am willing to bet that none of my neighbors in this apartment complex vote. Only spoke to one man about it and he did not.

I could be wrong about manager and guy who lives upstairs, they seem like the civic responsible type of people. I could be wrong about the rest of them.

Vote Easy is a simple interactive tool to compare how your views on issues match up with candidates running in your state and district. Answer yes or no to 12 issues, choose how important those issues are to you, and as you do so, candidate images shrink or remain static; when done the best match is noted.

Does not surprise me that my best matches were neither Democrats, nor Republicans. Republicans shrank quite quickly on my chart. I do not like my best match for Senate, although I no longer remember why I dismissed her as a choice. Will have to do some more study.

Check out the Vote Easy tool. It is easy to use and very helpful.

Disclaimer: Did you know that bloggers have to declare this? I am in no way associated with Vote Easy. I best study that new law as well and put a disclaimer on my blogs.

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