Sunday, October 17, 2010

Biased News Reporting

Four sunless gloomy days might be what motivated me to start cleaning up paper clutter. Not in a good way, mind you, in a I do not think I can survive another minute of this incessant neighbor talking, loud music at 1AM and another long, dark, dreary cold winter in this apartment kind of a way.

Already know the folly of trying to hang on to papers living on the streets. Question my sanity on why I start amassing paper, knowing how easy it is to lose everything. If I have not made the effort to take a bus to Orange County to take photos for homeless blog or just to revisit places I loved to go when homed, employed and owned a vehicle. I was happy once.

So why not just ditch this torn part of a news article without blogging about it. Nothing else to do? Want to remember it? Who cares? Not I.

"Also inside the courtroom was at least one relative of Dinkins, who has a history of criminal charges dating back to his youth, many of them tied to drug use." Excuse me, the brother is not on trial, How did reporters know the brother was in the courtroom and why did they dig up the brother's past. Most important why did the writer, Tracy Manzer, feel the brother's past record should be reported at all? Talk about biased news reporting...

The article begins "Tension was thick in Long Beach Superior Court...", yes I imagine so. So why create more reasons to incite a public already upset about the case? Neely Dinkins was being arraigned on the hit-and-run death of a one-year-old girl. I think of the parents of that child every time I cross Redondo Avenue at 10th Street where the accident happened. It is just around the corner from where I live.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez were crossing the road pulling the baby and two-year-old brother in a wagon when Dinkins ran a red traffic light, plowing into the wagon. He kept right on going, stopping at the next block, where the boy fell off of the car, then sped to Willow Street where he pulled into a friend's driveway. The girl, Kaylee, was trapped in the car's wheel well and hopefully died quickly.

Yeah, I would say tension was high in that courtroom, in other times Dinkins might have been grabbed by an angry mob. Still his brother being at the arraignment and his arrest record had nothing to do with the case and is not only biased reporting it is shoddy.

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