Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is coming up, which means I have been getting a number of emails about it. I posted 5 Water Facts without consent from Maria & the Blog Action Day team.

I believe I took time to vote on the topic of this year's Blog Action Day theme that I wanted it to be. If I did or what it was, I do not know.

I am tired. I am tired of seeing ads and email posts that start: STOP or DEMAND. I am tired of all the misery in the world. I am especially tired of email requests for donations. I am barely keeping a roof over my head and not in the mood to help those less fortunate then myself.

I made my first political campaign contributions due to President Obama, then Senator, asking us to "buy" our "seat at the table". We called ourselves Obama's Citizen's Lobbyists. Fat lot of good that did.

I do not know how I got myself on a Republican mailing list. I am especially not interested in those emails. I voted on a poll. Before taking the poll had to give e'dress. I used that account where the GOP mailings arrive. It is my account used for exactly that purpose. The poll said, by agreeing we would get a Newsletter and could opt out at any time. No problem.

It is a problem. They are spamming that e'dress with all kinds of BUY BUY BUY emails. The News Letter email has no link to unsubscribe. I am going to delete the account. One of the GOP mailings was used to spread lies about President Obama. They also had no "unsubscribe" link, forcing me to send a request via regular offline mail.

I am tired of all of this.

I am sick and tired of the A-holes that think they are going to entice me to buy Viagra if they bypass my email account filters, by changing the wording,/spelling of their SPAM. I forward them to the government agency that deals with violators of spam laws. Fat lot of good that does.

The Blog Action Day concept is a good one; yet I think people who participate are likely to be people who already, for example, conserve water. If the general public is ignorant of Water Facts, highly unlikely they will learn them by this united effort. It has been publicized over and over again.

In my little neck of the world, people should be aware of our water shortage and laws, yet they complain, "Omigod, I can not sweep the sidewalk with a hose anymore, what a pain in the butt." My old manager actually said something to that effect. Old manager at this building was more conscientious following the laws, but found them bothersome. People I see while walking totally ignore the laws.

Because I am tired, I did not bother checking to see if I was violating any copyright laws by publishing the email contents. I am sure I could locate the same facts with a little research. But I am tired. Tired. Tired.

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