Thursday, October 21, 2010


How many men signed the Declaration of Independence? Fifty-seven? One of the reasons the representatives of England's thirteen colonies on these shores choose to declare their independence from rule by the King of Great Britain was:

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.

I have had taxes imposed upon me without my consent by federal, state, local governments. Especially targeted are tobacco products. Cigarette taxes in comparison to taxes on alcohol and gasoline are proportionally higher. Yet as those taxes skyrocket, freedoms are being denied or tobacco users are being unfairly discriminated against and have taxation without representation.

When I lived in New Jersey the governor said citizens needed to bite the bullet due to protests about increasing the state sales tax and taxing items that were not previously taxed. Or he and his admin were imposing taxes without our consent.

I have zero recall of being asked to vote on increases in taxes of any kind.

Am I one of those Tea Party members screaming about taking back America? Not unless hell freezes over, as the expression goes. As a group they are illogical and irrational, although some members of that party may be exceptions that prove the rule.

I do not know who stole the United States, except perhaps wealthy corporations and their lobbyists who buy our elected representatives. Sarah Palin, leading spokesperson for the Tea Party, is all in favor of corporations. She may talk a good schtick, but I do not read of her and other Tea Party leaders offering any solutions to problems in the U.S. today.

Ron Paul would re-instate the gold standard, yet never offered up a plan as to how that could be implemented. We do not have enough gold to cover all those numbers on pieces of paper, so who did Paul propose would get the real cash based on our available gold? No one, except I am sure he and his family would be first in line to keep all their money while others dollar bills and coins became worthless, including all those numbers in our bank accounts.

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