Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did You Consent To Be Governed?

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

The U.S. government was not instituted with my consent; was not anywhere near being born at the time. I am guessing I have given the U.S. government my consent to be governed by obeying the laws, paying my taxes, and voting in elections. What choice do I have? What choice do citizens of other countries have?

Oh, some citizens of the world refuse to consent to be governed. They disobey other countries immigration laws and set up residence, obtain jobs or do not obtain jobs, but find other means to obtain money. People who do not give consent to be governed do set up a tents, live off the land, and are automatic criminals. AKA: homeless.

I doubt that citizens of lands consented to be ruled by Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, dictators, or even presidents. Early humans may have consented to alpha dog leading of the pack. Groups of cave people may have banded together to better fight predators and to take care of the group. People still band together, be it through family, religion or communes. Those may indeed consent to be governed by the founder or top dog of the groups.

Basically, people are just born into whatever form of government there is in the place where their parents reside. Adults of any age that leave the land of their birth could be said to removing their consent to be governed by the system in place where they were born. That does not imply that those who stay are expressly giving their consent; they may not have the means to leave.

Especially true in today's world with strictly controlled borders, identification requirements and enforcement of immigration laws. If you are a Christian it is highly unlikely you will be welcomed with open arms in a Muslim ruled country. I know that China and Mexico have very strict immigration laws; do not know their requirements for citizenship.

That clause in the U.S. Declaration of Independence was giving the King notice that the colonies or self-appointed representatives of them were setting up a new government to secure rights denied by their governing body.

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