Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Not To Late

Why am I still up at 1:34AM? Not sure, the neighbors were rather quiet this evening, except for some short conversations after 10PM; wrote about that on other blog, post-dated so will be a few days before my trial and tribulations (whine, whine) story gets told. Not that I have never mentioned the noise prior to those posts.

Anyway, because I am still up, did a last stop to delete spam from email and read the one from Blog Action team about Blog Action Day. Not too late to register your blog, so I did, only one of them, although I did pre-write for the Games blog in addition to Homeless in Long Beach and notice I mentioned it on this blog. I did my part.

The registration wants to know how many readers I have so I wrote "one that I know of" that would be me; do know a long-time offline friend reads it sometimes.

Topic this year is water. Okay, speaking of neighbor's noise, when John takes his bath the running water drives me bonkers. I have lived in apartments with walls so thin, used to hearing shower water running. Never a bother. Was not a bother to hear previous tenant's bathtub water running, tho' sometimes when he was washing dishes I got annoyed.

A symptom of Alzheimer's disease is a short temper.

Every since they installed cut open my bathroom wall to access a clog or something originated with John, the tub water sounds twice as loud. I know he runs it full blast. In between our walls, I got a lesson on air pipes that I never knew were part of plumbing. For some reason that air flow pipe amplifies the sound.

Since John moved in I have to keep bathroom door closed at all times. He blasts his radio and starts singing whenever he takes his baths. I may have mentioned the problem with his tub backing up into mine when he first moved into the building. Water. I am sure he uses a lot of it.

Especially when his faucet broke on Friday night and he did not report it to the manager until Monday afternoon. I saw manager in courtyard and I told him about running water. He was unconcerned. I can imagine the water bill that month. It was awful I could not sleep listening to the water running. I could tell it was not normal, like, maybe guy upstairs was showering and besides no one uses water that long. Um, bath time was about 9PM and the water, not as loud, more like when a toilet is running, all night long and on to the next day.

John had the nerve to tell me how he could not sleep on account of the sound. Duh, why not notify manager faucet broke. Sunday he was able to locate the shut off valve or was it Monday morning, I forget, happened a while ago.

I had the same problem with my bathroom sink, the water would not turn off, knob just went round and round. I panicked; manager was not at home, I can not turn shut off valve, no pliers and none of them are turnable by hand. I kept fiddling with the faucet and was able to get it turned off and as soon as manager arrived home, I called him. Was not fixed until the next day.

Cleaning sink other day noticed rust around the back edge of same faucet that was replaced.

Water. I hate my toilet. It is one of those "meets specifications" water saving jobies. It does not save water because sometimes I need to flush it three times. It no longer sounds like a sick cow moaning when I flush. The tank also fills a lot slower than it used to do. That had something to do with John also, when his toilet backed up into mine. How gross. I forget all about those things after the fact.

Vaguely remember the guys needing to come into my apt. to fix John's toilet. Took a while, the men yelling back and forth through apt. walls. "Flush it again...". After that the loud sick cow moaning stopped. But I notice when John is home, when I hear his full blast tub faucet running, my toilet is very slow ~ needing those 3 flushes to flush it all down.

An old 1960s jingle just came to mind: Save Water, While There's Water, To Save.

The brook down the block from where I grew up was polluted. Did not know that word then, just that it stank. A nearby chemical factory was dumping waste into it which caused the odor, but it was also filled with all kinds of trash and car tires.

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