Thursday, October 28, 2010

La Raza

Translated La Raza means "the race".

From National Council of La Raza:

Vote for Respect

Latinos have a long and proud history in America, but anti-Latino sentient has escalated in our country in recent years. So, We are tired of being the punching bag.

If there is any anti-Latino sentient it might come from all those other races, also known as ethnic groups, with a long and proud history in the United States, that are sick and tired of being spit upon by Mexican/Americans or Mexicans who have violated U.S. immigration law. Do not hear many Chinese/Americans decrying deportation of Chinese citizens who likewise thumbed their noses at our laws.

In my lifetime I have known many bigots. They do not pick on Latins or Hispanics, they hate, above all any one of African descent. They call people from India dot-heads. I do not know all the nasty terms used to describe people from other countries. They have always hated and I believe they always will.

If sentient increased towards Latin Americans, it might be due to the Day Without Immigrants which was a La Raza event. They seem to forget that the U.S. is comprised of immigrants' children and grandchildren, that arrived on our shores from countries around the world. Tearing down U.S. flags, replacing them with Mexican flags would not endear any U.S. citizen to Mexican/Americans. Even those who never had a bigoted bone in their body.

To get respect, give respect.

When citizens who were born and raised in an English speaking country suddenly can not get a job because they do not speak a foreign language, it is only natural that resentment would arise towards those who were too lazy to learn English and demanded that our Government accommodate them. Each generation of immigrants learned to speak English, but La Raza's find it hateful to expect Latino/Latina's to do likewise.

What escalated after September 11, 2001 was concern about terrorists using the U.S./Mexico border to sneak into our country. Concern about the tide of illegal immigration was around long before I was aware of it. 1991 was when I first visited California and saw those signs on the Freeway warning motorists to be on the lookout for a woman and child dashing across the busy interstate. That was when awareness of illegal immigration began for me.

Prior to that I had met many immigrants. Never entered my mind to question their status. My father was an immigrant, who became a Naturalized U.S. citizen, so in my mind, any person from another country, new to the U.S.A. would likewise have come into the country legally for the same reason my ancestors did: to better their lives.

Any group of citizens that claims superiority over others is going to get a bit of backlash. The race, indeed. At least white supremacists are honest in claiming their self-proclaimed ownership over the whole of the human race. It is not enough for La Raza's that there are a whole lot of countries south of the U.S. border speaking a Spanish based language, they want to deprive citizens of the United States from speaking the language they learned since birth...

...or as in the case of many legal immigrants, learned as children, young or older adults.

What I am anti is: I did not move to a foreign country and do not want to see my country turned into one. I am not anti-Mexicans or anti-any ethnic group. I am anti-bigots no matter what race they consider themselves to be.

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