Monday, October 25, 2010

President Obama

Have noticed a new trend. People write "Mr. Obama" rather than "President Obama". I have yet to hear Mr. Eisenhower, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Ford, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush and so on. Even former presidents are spoken of as President Washington, President Roosevelt and it does not matter if they were disgraced presidents.

Critics say they are unfairly labeled racists or bigots if they say anything unfavorable about President Obama. Well, I am sorry, I am going to call any citizen that says Mr. Obama instead of President Obama is indeed a racist or bigot. Nothing else explains the disrespect.

A news reporter should know better. Yes I have been disrespectful saying Bush, rather than President Bush, as an example, especially now when G.W.Bush is a former president. I have tried to correct that by not referring to our current president as simply Obama. He signs letters Barack, but I would be as uncomfortable using his first name as I would be using former President Bush's first name in conversation.

The latest gaffe is from the New York Times writer, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, who wrote: "...subsequent snub overshadowed Mr. Obama’s message". Odd that she was able to write next:
Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and First Lady Michelle Obama. Why not Mr. Biden and Mrs. Obama?

Article titled: Obama Gets a Caustic Welcome in Rhode Island

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