Monday, October 25, 2010

The Slicker the Ad

The slicker the ad, the less likely I am to vote for a candidate.

Opened a 27 page 8x11" booklet titled: CONFUSED ABOUT THE CANDIDATES? Get the Facts...Inside.

Front page shows Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. Following pages do not offer up facts as much as offering up why no one in their right mind would vote for that failure Jerry Brown. Of course. Takes a bit of page turning to learn the booklet was paid for by Meg Whitman; who'd a thunk it.

Next up, a sealed and folded glossy slick advert. Jerry Brown: Soft on Crime. OPPOSES THE DEATH PENALTY Against the death penalty - even for cop-killers. Good, I guess my vote is going to Brown. I oppose the death penalty even for serial killers, child molesters, rapists and kidnap, torture, murderers of children. Of anyone, actually.

I am not against allowing parents of a child who was sexually molested, tortured and murdered to do as they want with the murderer. I think rapists should be castrated, number one and...

...never mind. What I would propose be down with sex offenders would be much worse fate than death. Death is freedom, so hardly retribution for crimes. The death penalty has not stopped murder. If even one innocent person gets put to death for a crime, it is one person too many. Sad that there are many more than one person in jail or put to death for crimes they did not commit.

As long as our penal system is flawed in that innocent people can and do get arrested, I will never support the death penalty, despite a desire to see some vile criminals tortured to death.

So, thanks, Meg, I will vote for Jerry, not you.

What I want in a campaign flier is all about YOU, the candidate with zero mention about opponent. I want to know how you voted on legislation; I want to know where to verify your claims; I want to know your platform. Yes, Death Penalty is one thing I consider when choosing candidates. I have a whole list of things that cause me to choose X over Y. Do not bad mouth your opposition, tell me about you ~ what you have done in the past and maybe what you would like to do if elected.

Lower taxes? Yeah right, that is what they all say.

I need to know that a candidate supports what I believe to be right or fair; be of high moral character (um, Meg, why did you knowingly hire an illegal alien when so many legal citizens are out of work?); believes in liberty for all citizens and so on.

Concern about our environment and waste, even if money wasted is not my own, is the main reason: the slicker the ad, the more apt a candidate is to lose my consideration for a vote.

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