Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spc. Alyssa Peterson

Spc. Alyssa Peterson allegedly killed herself due to not wanting to torture POW's.

As ususal, comments to Huffington Post about Spc. Alyssa Peterson got under my skin.

A comment starts: "Wake up buddy"and "if they want to do a man's job ~ then stop whining" about females in military. "Women going to war and leaving their kids behind" is "unspeakable" to him. But it is okay for men to go to war leaving their wives and kids behind?

"Many American lives wee saved from the 'so called 'torturing'..."

So called? Whose lives were saved? Torturing innocent people to get the truth will only cause them to tell you any lie you want to hear, not facts. Where are the stats on info gained via torture that lead to saving lives of Americans?

"Grow up" is insulting to most people who have the ability to read and disgest an article. Just because someone posts a comment a person does not agree with does not make them less mature. The person who types "grow up" is the one that lacks maturity. Perhaps this guy is the one who needs to wake up.

"So all these 'do gooder' articles aren't worth a pitcher of spit when this country is being pulled down the tubes."

I did not get this comment. Was it a "do gooder" article?

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