Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Lady Staff

Per P-T online, a Speakout caller to the Press-Telegram asked why First Lady Michelle Obama needs a staff of 22. I would call and answer the query; should write a letter to the editor. The anonymous call-in feature was so popular, the paper restricted calls to a minute. Most of the calls they choose for publication are reduced to one line. And it seems the editor who chooses what to publish picks the most inane, repetitive calls.

To wit: Liberals are dumb as...

Okay, never mind. I always find it interesting when readers accuse the paper of being a liberal rag and not giving equal time to conservatives. LOL it seems the exact opposite is true when it comes to whose letters or Speakouts get published most often. Maybe they do it on purpose to create controversy and a flurry of protests. I am not the only reader who simply declines to read the Letters or Speakout anymore. Oh, I stop by once in a while to find out what citizens have to say about certain headline news topics.

Maybe questioning the size of Michelle's staff was in the news? Or did the question come from one of those false and misleading forwarded emails? Do not know why Mamie Eisenhower popped in my mind, but she is where I started my search for First Lady staff sizes. Did not spend much time on it; Mamie had no trouble managing a "large staff".

Hillary Clinton, staff of 20, plus 15 interns and volunteers
Jacqueline Kennedy, 40
Lady Bird Johnson, 30
Betty Ford about the same as Lady Bird
Laura Bush had between 24 and 26 staff at the end of her husband's presidency

I am guessing the First Ladies have staffs of those sizes because they need help in carrying out duties that come along with the title. Somebody has to clean the White House ~ all of it, even President and family's personal space. Someone has to hire the cleaners and supervise them. Maybe the President's staff does that. I dunno and truly do not care about the size of Michelle's staff.

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