Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Following the Leader ~ Lets Go Kill Our Opposition

Just about every day, one of my Facebook friends' Status Update asks me to copy and paste something. Having some mutual friends, I often get to see the same meme or warning several times in one day. Then it appears among non-game friends, oh, brother might post it, because his son did and the nephew's sister will post it, and so will a cousin and non-family friend who knows none of the above.

Moral of the tale: People are quick to follow the leader without question. The 555/823 meme is an example. I do not like copy/paste messages. The Status Update box asks: What's on your mind?, not What's on their minds. Meme's are fine blog games ~ why ever Facebook called them status updates is beyond me ~ but have nothing to do with informing my friends about changes in my status.

Son's week, daughter's week, turn Facebook pink (red, white or purple) week ~ none of those are based on facts, and they recur every few weeks. Does no one verify before blindly copying and pasting? Koobface is very real virus, but the virus spreading "like wildfire" warnings are not. There are a whole bunch of these things that make the rounds.

People are good at following the leader, even if the leader suggest targeting, reloading, putting opposition in cross hairs on a U.S.A. map. People may say at a football game "go kill 'em Tiger", not meaning kill literally. Not likely, then, that Sarah Palin was saying "let's go kill our opposition" in the literal sense. Yet Palin and talking heads, as Whoopie Goldberg calls TV, radio personalities, do spew hatred and venom when speaking of anyone with opposing political views.

Since people are quick to follow their leaders, when Palin feeds her followers lies, they blindly jump on her kill 'em bandwagon. Words are powerful motivators. Mass media, politicans and others who have access to large audiences need to be careful what words they choose to use.

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