Monday, January 31, 2011

In The News or Politics?

I have a conflict when I come upon a news article that I want to comment on. Is it In The News or Politics? LOL, quite often what is in the news is of a political nature. Yet I automatically posted on In The News blog about the protest at a Koch brothers secret meeting with a non-disclosed guest list, except one article listed Glenn "shoot them in the head" Beck and a U.S. Senator as being in attendance.

Today Al Jazeera English is in the news. Seems U.S. cable companies will not allow consumers access to the middle east news agency. During the Bush years I often read news articles from Al Jazeera. Article in the Huffington Post says:

"The objections from the cable companies have come for both political and commercial reasons, said Burman, the former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "In 2006, pre-Obama, the experience was a challenging one. Essentially this was a period when a lot of negative stereotypes were associated with Al Jazeera. The effort was a difficult one," he said, citing the Bush administration's public hostility to the network."

Why were they hostile? Likely they did not want U.S. citizens to see the war from another prescriptive. Might cause dissent if we all saw photos of children's bloody parts spewed across streets in Iraq. Or be informed of the number of citizens deaths. No such thing as war zones, everyone a target, there. Or so it seems to me.

The article continues:

There was reluctance from these companies to embark in a direction that would perhaps be opposed by the Bush administration. I think that's changed. I think if anything the Obama administration has indicated to Al Jazeera that it sees us as part of the solution, not part of the problem," Burman said.

I can envision a bunch of Obama haters jumping all over that as some kind of proof that President Obama is a secret American-hating terrorist Muslim. Gee, why else would our president care about freedom of the press? LOL, reading my sentence I can also envision how I could be quoted, the quote taken out of context, people putting words in my mouth that I did not type. Or typed, but as part of a sentence. Happens all the time. Some deliberate miss-quotes as well; not that I am in the league with people who get quoted.

Do not see an author of the quoted article.

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