Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Thoughts on Comments

Several people complained, mostly about those scum leftie commie socialist liberals, turning the Gifford shooting political. Excuse me, it is political. The shooter is being charged with:

one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the federal government and two counts of attempting to kill a federal employee

Article did not say, murder of the child.

Sarah Palin did have Gifford in her cross hairs map as a target. Coincidence? Did the shooter just happen to open fire on a group of strangers or did he seek out Gifford to kill? I think, feel, believe his killing spree was politically motivated and that Sarah Palin needs to clean up her verbal act.

And of course the comments included the usual Obama hater stuff. One said he is more divisive than Palin or anyone else. I beg to differ, but I gotta run. Might offer up some facts as to why I disagree at some other time.

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