Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Op-Ed by Eugene Robinson

From Eugene Robinson, Op-Ed Columnist (Washington Post):

" the time, nothing was known about the assailant or his motives. I am confident that at least one of Palin's professors must have taught her that in reporting about a shooting, the fact that the principal target felt threatened is highly relevant information, as is the specific nature of that threat."

"In her statement, Palin gave the impression of being appalled that journalists mentioned the cross-hairs graphic in the hours after the rampage in Tucson. She singled out reporters and pundits..."

"... she claimed that the cross hairs were actually those of a surveyor's scope. Perhaps the ruse would have been more effective if viewers of Palin's "reality" television show hadn't recently watched her use a high-powered rifle, not a theodolite, to fell a caribou. "

"...before last November's election, Giffords gave a television interview expressing her concern about the bitterness and rancor of our political debate. In the interview, Giffords cited a graphic that Palin had posted on Facebook - a map identifying congressional districts being targeted for Republican gains."

Bold/italics are mine. If a movie star dies, reporters scurry to pull up information about the persons life. Why would they not to do the same in the event of a shooting involving an elected government representative? That Giffords specifically felt threatened by Palin's map, makes it news and note-worthy.

If Sarah Palin were a responsible adult, rather than accusing the press of libel, she could have been a lady, expressed remorse and promise to reconsider how she presents her ideas in the future. I imagine in Palin's eyes that would be like an admission of guilt.

President Obama said: "....we should do everything we can do to make sure that this country lives up to our children's expectations" Persons who have mass influence would do well to consider the example they set, not just for children, but for adults also. The example Palin gave her followers was quickly taken to comments on articles relating to the Tuscon shooting.

IE: I am not to blame in anyway, I am gonna say whatever I want to say, the hell with anyone who does not like it. Even if those she targets feel threatened, get threatened, have offices vandalized or get shot. Palin and her followers are not going to do anything to live up to our children's expectations, unless our children's expectations are hopelessness about adults that act like grade-school bullies.

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