Sunday, January 23, 2011

Up in Arms

Glenn Beck, up in arms, says:

"You're going to have to shoot them in the head, but warning they may shoot you. They're dangerous because they believe Karl Marx is their George Washington. You'll never change their mind. And if they feel you've lied to them...they're revolutionaries."

He continues saying you have to take "them" seriously and they "will follow up with what they say".

Or Glen Beck needs to be taken seriously as a leader whose followers will shoot people in their heads based on Beck's inane platter. Is it not Sarah Palin who calls upon Mama Grizzlies to revolt and take this country back? What was the Boston Tea Party if not a revolution? Okay, I would call it a protest against taxation without representation, but by tossing the tea in the harbor, the citizens revolted.

They said, "no, no, no, we are not gonna take this any longer." So it is with people Beck labels as dangerous revolutionaries. Could say Beck is guilty of blood libel. I do not know any U.S. citizen that confuses Karl Marx and George Washington. How dumb do people have to be to listen to Beck?

When I say "know", I mean people I have personally spoken to and also comments, articles posted all over the Internet. Never once have I come across anyone declaring: Karl Marx is my George Washington. Beck comes across as either insane, blathering idiot or full of paranoid fear. Sad, so sad, that he is given a job to spew his childish, unfounded hatred over the airwaves, for those gullible, paranoid citizens to listen to.

Coincidence that "Gabby" Giffords got shot in the head?

No one will change Beck's mind. He is a danger to society and the well-being of U.S. citizens.

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