Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Looking for information about Afghanistan weather I saw sidebar link that said "Troops in Afghanistan". I clicked it thinking it was another map that would show our base locations, to see if I could determine where my niece is stationed. Instead I got "Send a message to our troops" ~ with boxes to type message, name, email address. No thanks. Every time I provide an e'dress to one of these things new spam arrives.

Good spammer tool, I am sure, patriotic Americans would hardly be so callous as to ignore a request to send a message to "our troops". The simple web page said:

Our troops in Afghanistan make remarkable sacrifices every day, protecting us from harm and ensuring freedom and democracy for all.

I am not sure how my niece and everyone else protects us from harm. Could say Afghan troops are protecting their citizens from harm by us. Our troops do make sacrifices. My niece sleeps in a plywood hut. She does have electricity but the electric blanket only runs for six hours. She sleeps with multiple blankets, hand warmers, a hat and other clothing not normally worn in bed.

Temps in the country were zero Celsius "feels like 1 Celsius". Not helpful to me who only knows Fahrenheit. Found a converter, that would be 32 degrees or the temp at which water freezes.

I was surprised she was sent there due to her age, slightly over forty. Her body is not handling the cold very well. She is not in combat, but finances. Not sure exactly what she does, or why she had to go there to do it. Such as payroll. Maybe our troops get paid cash or she cash the checks she writes them? Is there a bank nearby?

Yes sacrifices, and suffering. Can not imagine how those in combat can deal with freezing cold weather. I do not know if they are ensuring freedom and democracy for all. I believe our troops took away freedom and democracy in Iraq. We left that country in a big mess, worse than it was before Bush ordered the invasion.

What I say is: thank you for willing to kill or be killed on my behalf. I guess that is risk being killed. They definitely are not ensuring freedom and democracy, keeping me and people like Gabby Giffords safe. Oh, I am safe, she was not kept safe due to our troops sacrifices. What I mean is when people like Glenn Beck tells his fans they have to "shoot them in their heads", Sarah Palin talking trash, telling lies to serve her purpose which seems to be to create hatred of anyone with opposing views.

Democracy and freedom to disagree is not allowed by the Glenn Becks, Sarah Palins of the U.S.A. No considering differing viewpoints and finding ways to compromise. Or former President George W. Bush who declared "if you are not with us, you are against us." I am sorry that I am not for killing innocent women, children, and yes, men. That does not mean I am against the United States.

The troops can not keep me safe from some lunatic that is lead to hate and distrust by what Whoopie called "the talking heads". I have been called a lot of names after expressing my opinion (leftie, bleeding heart liberal, cuss words, hippie, and so on) even though I would not bill myself as a liberal. Labels are fables.

I am also not a Democrat. But Glenn Beck would have his followers believe I think Karl Marx is George Washington and they have to shoot me in the head or I might shoot them. Simply because I share some beliefs those who label themselves left, liberal, Democrat have. I also share some beliefs Republicans have. And that Sarah Palin professes to have.

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