Monday, January 3, 2011

The Words We Say

Something I read long ago. The words we say are clues to our personality. An example if I say "I have to run to grocery store" rather than "I have to go to grocery store" it might mean I am an action oriented person.

"I think Sarah Palin and her ilk hold some responsibility in the Gifford shooting". She did have Gifford's name on her cross hair as a target to be taken down.

"I feel Sarah Palin and her ilk...." or "I believe Sarah Palin and her ilk...". The first shows a person who thinks, the second one who uses gut feelings and the third simply trusts. Not implying that I think, feel or trust.

Already knew I was an action oriented person when I came upon the article or book about using verbal clues to access personalities. Excuse me for a moment, I have to go jump in the shower. Truly have never jumped into a bathtub/shower combo or plain old shower stall. Tho' I knew it, I did start analyzing my speech and written words. The point of the whatever it was I read, self-help book junky, likely a book on relationships. Once we realize our significant other is a thinker and we are a feeler, we might learn to communicate better. Something like that.

After someone I thought a friend insisted I was a violent person, I started monitoring my words, getting tongue tied when trying to find a word to replace "beat, punch" or anything that could be construed as violence. I jumped the gun on that one. He was punch-drunk. I beat my daughter in Scrabble. See what I mean?

I was hasty, he was pie-eyed, my daughter lost to me in Scrabble? Maybe the words I use are learned, from parents, siblings, school, friends, developed at a young age. Do know mother and father would never say "I have to jump in the shower". She never took showers and he seldom bathed. Thought people washed too much; complained that I was going to "wash away my skin".

As an adult, I learned, we actually are washing away our skin. Dead skin cells ~ and my father was very intelligent. LOL

Where was I? Oh, so Ms. Palin, or is that Mrs., uses hunting language. And maybe she should not do so, eh. A follower might be lead to literally take-down those whom Sarah opposes.

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