Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Meals

A friend gave me a subscription to Redbook magazine. The mag reported that San Francisco banned Happy Meals and 84% of Redbook readers were happy about it and the other 16% said they already banned them. For sure I am not in with that in-crowd.

I believe our Constitution guarantees "liberty", liberty meaning freedom to choose. I am 100% against banning Happy Meals. Los Angeles, in the meantime, was trying to ban fast food restaurants because they cause obesity. Oh? Bad enough new laws cost places that serve food mega bucks to confirm to new laws regarding acceptable oils to be used when frying foods, such as donuts.


Citizens are quick to blame the government for everything under the sun. Anti-big government is not limited to Tea Party members. Yet it is the citizens themselves who are demanding more and more government interference in our lives. I do not have children, yet have considered purchasing a Happy Meal for me. Small portions and sometimes I would like the toy. Why? Just because.

Am I defending fast food places, specifically Happy Meals? Not at all. I just think people should have the liberty to buy them if they choose to do so. I also think business owners should be given liberty to serve what they want. As long as they are not killing cats or otherwise using ingredients that are not approved by the FDA. Of course that contradicts my dismay about oils.

Give 'em an inch they will take a mile. The more things citizens allow the government to control, the sooner something they want will become off limits to them. Do elected government officials know what our Constitution says? Does not seem like they do.

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